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Is Anger Destroying Your Marriage and Life?


You Rage Often

Rage is when anger is fully out of control and your words and behavior become destructive. A rage episode does major damage to your relationships mentally, emotionally, and physically. 


Your Wife is Sacred of You

When men let anger take control it destroys psychological safety. When this happens the wife will learn out of self preservation to shut down emotionally. Her goal is to survive, not thrive, and to protect her and her children from you. 


Your Children Are Scared of You

Children need and deserve two parents that they can be 100% safe with. When a child is safe they are free be who they are, and their personality can bloom. When destructive anger is present, children act in fear, and this can lead to life long problems. 


Your Career and Business are Suffering

When your home life is being destroyed by out of control anger your career and business life is going to suffer. Many men focus on their work and career to the detriment of their home life. When this is the case you lose both in tragedy. 

The best options to get control of anger, fast!

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The fastest and most effective way to get stop being angry is to work with me directly as your coach. I will teach you the concepts and skills needed to transform destructive anger, and to get your life back! 

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Cohort Coaching

Join together with a group of men to work through the full Anger Resolution program with Dr. Nick Sotelo as your guide. Men in a cohort receive a weekly live virtual meeting that moves through the Anger Resolution concepts. Access to a private community support group is also provided. 

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Online Course

Get access to the Anger Resolution virtual course. The course provides a workbook and a videos that show Anger Resolution concepts and skills. Men can work at their own pace, and have the ability to send email questions to Dr. Sotelo for direct help. 

About me

I'm a Men's anger coach with nearly 25 years of experience helping good natured men to get control of anger so they can win back their life, be an amazing father, and fulfill their role as provider and protector with rock solid confidence.

I’m trained as Marriage and Family Therapist and I’ve seen first hand how anger in a relationship can destroy it and due some irreversible damage to the marriage partners and their children. I also believe that anger can be truly transformed, marriages can be saved, and children can thrive. 

Success Stories

Dr. Nick Sotelo has helped 100s of men to transform destructive anger into a powerful and positive force in their life. Below are just a few of the success stories.

"Before Anger Resolution, anger was like an out of control freight train, it couldn't be stopped. After work with Dr. Nick anger doesn't control the train, I'm in control, my life is so much better. I know how to recognize when anger is being triggered, and I know what to do now to keep myself calm and be effective with the situation I'm facing"
Matt M
“I am not known for being calm and levelheaded more like Bruce Banner who said “you wouldn't like me when I’m angry” this is the truth. I have been known to throw things, break things, and put my fist through walls, and worse says things. This Anger Resolution program helped me learned about the different types of anger and how to deal with it. I have started sharing it with my wife and kid and the impact has been absolutely eye-opening and freeing.” – Eric L
Eric L
“Before going through Nick’s Anger Resolution Program, I had no control over my reactions. My wife walked on eggshells and would “sugar coat” everything to keep me happy. We were on the brink of divorce. I felt like I lost all control of who I was – Nick’s program gave me that control back. The steps helped me identify the underlying reasons behind my anger, how to process before I reacted. After applying the Anger Resolution tactics my marriage is rock solid” – Kevin G