Top Signs Anger Is Ruining Your Life

Men often dismiss the obvious to others signs that Anger is ruining their life. Here are the some of the 5 most common signs that anger has taken over and is burning your life to the ground.

  1. Your wife has shut down emotionally – She no longer looks to you to be a provider and protector. If she talks to you, its just to discuss family logistics and not much else.
  2. Your kids fear you in a negative way. They don’t know what to expect from you from one moment to the next.
  3. You dont’ get invited to social functions with friends or family. People are distancing themselves from you.
  4. Your sex life is suffering. You may even not being sleeping in the same bed as your wife. When sex happens, its out of “duty” and its not an act of deep love and intimacy.
  5. You’re ability to provide financially is limited and is falling off. If you’re in a career you’re not getting promoted, and if you own a business you’re losing out on new opportunities.

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